Google’s AI chips uses normal chips to the cleaners




Google’s AI chips uses normal chips to the cleaners


As the Google was trying to solve the issues related to its voice recognition may result in the formation of AI chips, which can clean the clocks of large chip developers. Almost four years back, Google experienced an issue that

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Nokia X Android smartphone


The scenario would be different if Nokia had changed the operating system of its new Android smartphone. Instead, it cast it bets still on the Windows Phone, the phone with OS beleaguered by the expanded app ecosystem. With the Lumia,

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Snapchat Slashes Its Ad Prices by a Whopping Amount


It seems most of advertises just like many people thought that the cost to advertise on Snapchat, $750,000 was too high. The Snapchat Company is planning to cut down on the amount that it charges to advertise on its platform,

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Talkatone App gets you Relieved from Disquieting Phone Bills


Save On the Cost of Phone Calls. With the use of VoIP technology, Talkatone App lets you make calls with the aid of your Internet connection. You don’t have to pay any extra fee for sending text messages or making such

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Getting Started with Yahoo Messenger


To start using Yahoo Messenger, you need to first open an account for free. You can start interacting with other Yahoo members of the platform at no cost, once you have registered and download the client. It comes with an

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Popular app Viber crosses the 40 million mark In India


Viber, since its initiation earlier in 2013, has come out as a giant performing app on all the smartphones. This app is so popular that you are sure to find it in all the smart handsets joining the likes of

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Get TrueCaller app on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone


Ever been in a position where you cannot trace a caller? You move around from friend to friend trying to find out whose number it is and at the end of the day your efforts are fruitless. With Truecaller you

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Micromax Dual Rear Camera phone


On 21st March, Micromax released a teaser for its upcoming event. The teaser was a little bit unique. The teaser simply shows the cube of 13 which result in 2197. But Actually after shuffling the number, We got a date

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