Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus




Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus


With the pace of smartphone evolution moving so fast, there’s always something waiting in the wings. Every smartphone company is working hard to produce high-tech smartphones to scramble for the available market. Samsung was not left out, see what we

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Samsung Phones won’t Catch Fire again see how


Last year, 2016, Samsung got a big adversity when its Galaxy Note 7 caught fire. This happened due to overheating that led to battery explosion causing fire. Hence, now we know what occurred with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 fiery batteries.

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Yahoo Messenger presents New Emojis and Read Receipts


Yahoo Messenger presents new emojis, read receipts, as well as typing indicators in its new update. Even being late to the competition in the online market, Yahoo rolls out the three highly important updates which are intended to improve the

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Google rolls out a New Search Box Feature


Google rolls out a new feature that enables you to search through your stuff from the search box. As we all know that recently Google has been making some important changes to its search engine, which is part of the

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Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp


Facebook as a company is the owner of two messaging applications. One is Facebook messenger and the other is WhatsApp which it bought in 2014 for 22 billion dollars. In this article I will discuss this two and their relationship

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Few HTC and LG smartphone items are no longer sold by the retailers


The emerging brands such as Coolpad, Obi Worldphone, and Asus which have gained the good reputation in past few years also lie in the similar situation. According to the representative of the FPT shop, the retailing chain just stopped the

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LG G5 Review


Although LG is not a big competitor in the phone market now, but I really admire their mobile phones, they create a great technology in their mobiles, with a little bit lower price than the others, LG G5 comes with

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Buying an ASUS ZenFone


Each day there are massive innovations in the mobile production firms aiming at producing new phone models and capture the market with ease. Just a few days ago the ASUS Ltd one of the largest phone manufacturer in the world  

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