Foreign Messaging Apps Censorship in China




Foreign Messaging Apps Censorship in China


As most of the mobile phone users in China try to avoid censorship through software, the Chinese government is trying to use new techniques so as to head off such attempts. According to reports by The New York Times, China’s

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Viber takes a step into Social Networking with New Public Chats


Several messaging apps have emphasized how best their services are for people to get in touch with their friends conveniently and directly, mostly opposing the nature of social media networks such as Facebook. Viber, a renowned messaging app has over

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WhatsApp – A Simple and Effective Instant Messaging Service


WhatsApp is nothing but a helpful instant messaging service that offers you the opportunity to chat with just anybody on your contacts list, provided that they too have the WhatsApp Messenger application. If you send a message, push notifications alert

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What Is Project Fi, How Does It Work, And Why Do I Want It?

Most likely you have already heard of Project Fi in case you are an android enthusiast. Although, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you know everything about Project Fi. This article will provide you with high-level knowhow about this carrier that

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