WhatsApp 2020 New Features & Download


WhatsApp 2020 New Features & Download

WhatsApp 2020 New Features & Download 1

Since being acquired by Facebook in 2014, many WhatsApp features have focused on encryption and enhancing user privacy. In October, Whats App users were given the option to withdraw sent messages under certain conditions within a specified period of time.

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Popular app Viber crosses the 40 million mark In India


Viber, since its initiation earlier in 2013, has come out as a giant performing app on all the smartphones. This app is so popular that you are sure to find it in all the smart handsets joining the likes of

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How to use OoVoo Messenger App Safely


OOVOO Messenger is a messaging and video chat app, available for Androids, iPads, iPod and iPhones. OOVOO can also be used on a MAC or PC. You can video chat with up to 12 people simultaneously; you can see four

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