WhatsApp brings back ‘Text Status’ for Android Users


WhatsApp brings back ‘Text Status’ for Android Users

WhatsApp-Text Status-Android-Users

There is good news for the users of WhatsApp; the text status feature is back on Android devices. Users can make an update on the app for the stable Android version 2.17.107 from Google Play Store for getting the feature,

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Drive up your texts with Android Messages, Textra SMS, Signal and Google Voice


Out of all the features which Android has done very well, messaging is the one which is still considered the best as compared to other famous mobile platforms. The reason is that the makers have customary loaded a practical messaging

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Nokia X Android smartphone


The scenario would be different if Nokia had changed the operating system of its new Android smartphone. Instead, it cast it bets still on the Windows Phone, the phone with OS beleaguered by the expanded app ecosystem. With the Lumia,

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Get TrueCaller app on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone


Ever been in a position where you cannot trace a caller? You move around from friend to friend trying to find out whose number it is and at the end of the day your efforts are fruitless. With Truecaller you

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Features of Kakao Talk App


With KakaoTalk app, you can send documents to anyone and also use it for official purpose and you as well use it to send pictures and greeting to everyone in order for them to share comments and reviews with you.

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