Get TrueCaller app on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Get TrueCaller app on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Ever been in a position where you cannot trace a caller? You move around from friend to friend trying to find out whose number it is and at the end of the day your efforts are fruitless. With Truecaller you no longer have to worry about unknown numbers. Developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, It boasts of an extensive data base consisting of more than one hundred million users around the globe.

So if an unknown number contacts you Truecaller will reveal the name as long as your connected to the internet. In an event where there’s no internet connection all you have to do is wait until you are connected type in the number on the search menu and the caller ID will be revealed to you.

Apart from revealing the identity of callers one can also block or add into contact the numbers. So at the end of the day you have variety of choices when it comes to what to do with the caller ID. It is simply the easiest way to block spammers and unwanted marketers.


True caller is available for most android versions and comes in a decent size of around 4mb that allows easy use on most devices even the ones with limited memory.

One can find Truecaller on the Google play store, Mobigene as well as other sites provided by the manufactures.

If problems arise during installation it is possible to contact the developers and inform then of your problem. They will simply respond and provide a solution to your problem.

If you don’t have truecaller your definitely missing out so install it and who knows you might end up loving it.

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