Nokia X Android smartphone

Nokia X Android smartphone

The scenario would be different if Nokia had changed the operating system of its new Android smartphone. Instead, it cast it bets still on the Windows Phone, the phone with OS beleaguered by the expanded app ecosystem. With the Lumia, Nokia continues to gain the honored traditional excellence in the design, marking back to the era of a candy bar of the late 90s – even the problem solving, fashion savvy Olivia Pope chose the Lumia as her new phone. However, you can’t sell the phones only on the basis of design, and the Windows Phone at the core, Nokia doesn’t remain the powerhouse as it was. So, as the rumors swirled of the Nokia’s Android Phone under construction, users got the high hopes and bigger expectations.

May be people expected a lot – as the Nokia X was launched last year, it was a larger letdown. Not even the design or the trademark sturdiness could overcome the fact that the phone was just a rehash of the current phones without having the essence of Android. As per the Nokia, the X lies in the mid of its features on the Asha series and the Windows Phone Lumia series. In the Philippines, the highly costly Asha 503 costs P5,200, entry level Lumia costs P7,990 and Nokia X costs P5,990.

But with apparently a noticeable cost range amid Nokia X and Asha and the striking similarities between the designs of two phones, you can’t help but just look at the differentiators for justifying the co-existence of the phones, a value adding for warranting the making of the separate product class.

Nokia’s Android

The smartphone manufacturer values its salt has gotten the Android and given the spin, highly notable companies are the HTC’s Sense and Samsung’s TouchWiz. Nokia took the Android 4.1.2 Jellybean (with three updates older as compared to the latest iteration of the Android) is inspired by other smartphone features.

The design. The Nokia X included the tiled screen just like the Windows Phone Lumia series by Nokia. There is no option of Google Play on the phone, making users use the Nokia powered Android Store as the major source of the app installation. Similar to the Windows Phone, the app choice on the Android Store is quite paltry, and the search for most common apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Chrome are very disappointing, leaving you with the dead end.

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