Drive up your texts with Android Messages, Textra SMS, Signal and Google Voice

Drive up your texts with Android Messages, Textra SMS, Signal and Google Voice

Out of all the features which Android has done very well, messaging is the one which is still considered the best as compared to other famous mobile platforms. The reason is that the makers have customary loaded a practical messaging app which seemed as it was made in one-night session just before the shipping date. You can perform better.

Here are the top four apps which will give you a much good messaging platform and some additional features for making stuff personalized and efficient.

Android Messages

If you desire the quicker and simplest solution for which messaging app you should choose, go for the Android Messages. Officially, it is called a Google Messenger; it is focused on the Google’s efforts for making a better messaging mechanism via a technology called as RCS. When that day comes, you will get the real time notifications, more trustworthy and will support for sending photos at a good resolution.

Textra SMS

After Android Messages, another best option is Textra SMS. In everyday usage, most of the people wish to stick to the former as Google has made its final decision to put effort in this, however majority of people love Textra SMS

Textra a remarkable option if you want to spark up your messaging interface and you like the customized choice. You have what seems like an endless way to tweak the platform, varying up the themes and aesthetic display of the chat bubbles.


Many people have developed a deep interest in the private apps nowadays. However, getting everyone to get onboard with your new private messaging app is the key point of any top messaging service. The signal may have got the answer to this for you, because it offers the top end-to-end encryption, but can do regular texting too.

Google Voice

Talking about the Google, there is the freshly updated version of Google Voice found all the time. Thus it shows that you may have to use a different amount than you own now, but there are few other things to keep in mind which make this app the best choice.

If you don’t have an ability to chat with your contacts using a desktop, you will have appreciated the fresh featured Google Voice web app. Also if try to bounce between the devices and like the concept of doing calls, voicemails, and messages easily on the same platform, Google Voice is a worthy option.

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