The only junk you have on your phone is junk cleaner

The only junk you have on your phone is junk cleaner

According to present ranks, Google Play is one of the biggest smartphone stores in the world, which hosts over 2.2 million apps, which is a bit more than the number of apps Apple’s App Store holds. Even then you don’t see Google making many marks and being prominent, despite the fact that the two stores are rivals of each other, but why? In actual, the larger number of apps is not an actual win rather a disaster, and the Google knows it. And the reason of this is simple that most of these apps are garbage.

It is quite disappointing that in depths of the Play Store you get the heaps of garbage apps and just how less Google cares about its policy during its app vetting procedure. If you search for any less famous app there and scroll down – you will find all the apps with same suspicious names, containing the copied stuff of guides for the app, and the so-called extensions which can’t function anything good.

Nevertheless, there is a particular kind of app exists that somehow handles to hold to the position of the most famous and smartly deceitful to the users, which is the so-called cleaners, antiviruses or boosters. While looking at the list of the famous apps, it shows that these so-called apps get the high install and utility rates, which appears very suspicious.

Out of all the most popular cleaner apps are manufactured and put on the Google Play Store, which is present on the top of highly downloaded apps, according to AppAnnie. Each of these cleaner apps from the list is investigated. They are installed on the fresh Blu Vivo runs on Android 5.1 and then used for a while, to check for the features which app claims for. Different apps have behaved differently and carried its garbage.

Talking about the highly popular apps of the Play Store, which have been made to serve the unique functionality. The main features which they include are CPU cooling action, antivirus, junk file cleaning, phone booting and so on. The actual properties are. However, the ads roaming in the app, ads appearing on the second lock screen, which carries the label of Clean Master, ads which are injected into the web page while you browse and also the continuous downloading for more ads, most of which is garbage and only puts a load on your phone.

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