WhatsApp 2020 New Features & Download

WhatsApp 2020 New Features & Download

Since being acquired by Facebook in 2014, many WhatsApp features have focused on encryption and enhancing user privacy. In October, Whats App users were given the option to withdraw sent messages under certain conditions within a specified period of time. Now the popular service has expanded this feature

When the option to pull the sent message was first introduced, users had seven minutes to decide on the move. Now Whats App beta update for Android extends this capability to one hour. The ability to delete a sent message within one hour extends to photos, GIFs, files, as well as standard text messages.

Deleting messages

When a user wants to delete a message he or she sent, he or she will be presented with two options: one to delete the message for everyone in the conversation or the other to remove the message from the user’s device

We were afraid that this would happen someday. The Facebook newsletter, which has been owned by the Whats App app for some time now, has been talked about for the past few months, and many users of this messaging service are unlikely to appeal.


Facebook confirmed at the Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands that the ads will appear on Whats App at some point in 2020, Techradar.com reports.

As announced, advertisements will appear like this on the Instagram app – under Status posts, which can be scrolled horizontally rather than in conversations or contacts, as previously speculated..

And while many people don’t like this idea at all, the company promises that ads on Whats App won’t bother users much.

The good news is that if you do not use too much Whats App Status, the implementation of advertisements will not be that much of a problem.

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