Download We Heart it

Download We Heart it

We Heart It app is premeditated to catch the attention of teens that are making use of social media that also want a excellent social media existence. It is uncomplicated to use and visually attractive. On the other hand, this app has a simple, but stylish platform that makes it straightforward for even an idiot to sign up. We Heart It app is depended on sharing, following and making friends with people with common interests in order for users to explore photography from numerous perspectives and different parts of the world, such as Singapore, Norway, Brazil, USA and many other countries.

More than 80 percent of We Heart It app 25 million plus users are below the age of 24 and 50 percent of those users are teens, despite the fact that this app is not specially designed for teens.

 We Heart It app is such a social network that gives parents peace of mind while allowing their children to express themselves socially in a safe zone, through images. Therefore, parents need not be afraid or reluctant about allowing their teens or pre-teens to join social media as a result of fears of probable bullying or cyber predators.

With We Heart It app, you can see the My friends Images and the Explore Images tabs.

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