Samsung Phones won’t Catch Fire again see how

Samsung Phones won’t Catch Fire again see how

Last year, 2016, Samsung got a big adversity when its Galaxy Note 7 caught fire. This happened due to overheating that led to battery explosion causing fire. Hence, now we know what occurred with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 fiery batteries. Will this occur again?

Samsung announced that it has employed a new eight-step testing course for its lithium ion phone batteries, and that it is making a battery advisory board too, consisting of researchers from Stanford Cambridge and Berkeley. Remember, this is entirely for lithium ion batteries in Samsung devices, not just Note phablets or the expected Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Samsung’s first-hand eight-step battery safety pattern includes; X-rays, durability testing, charge and discharge tests, open circuit voltage tests, visual inspection,  disassembling tests, accelerated usage tests, and tests of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC).

Some of these steps were conducted on previous phones; but Samsung says the analysis is now “improved,” and will be piloted with growing frequency. For instance, the company says it has elevated its internal principles for the visual check phase.

The accelerated usage tests, the TVOC test and the charge and discharge tests are totally new to the process. The charge and discharge tests, which is testing the batteries when it is draining as well as when it is charging, were a big part of the post-analyses led by Samsung and by the third-party companies it paid to inspect its faulty phones.

Samsung initially stated the Galaxy Note 7 in early August last year, and began distributing the phone a two weeks later. First appraisals of the phone were mainly positive. But then news of faulty batteries arose, with some of the phone parts producing excessive heat and catching fire. The company first deferred sales of the handset, then began replacing faulty phones with new parts; only after some of the spare units began blowing up Samsung issued a global recall, on 10th October.

The press conference that was a long-awaited dose of info and presented a level of clearness that the company, pretty disapprovingly, hadn’t presented previously. Still, Samsung’s labors to win back the faith of users will likely endure to be a difficult battle. The next Galaxy S series phone, upcoming this spring, will be the largest test Samsung has met since its rise to the level of the world’s largest smartphone producer.

Even if the Note 7 was ill-fated, there is a clear evidence that the company is working hard to ensure the problem won’t happen again. This will be, for another time, good news for Samsung Galaxy lovers.

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