What Is Project Fi, How Does It Work, And Why Do I Want It?

What Is Project Fi, How Does It Work, And Why Do I Want It?

Most likely you have already heard of Project Fi in case you are an android enthusiast. Although, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you know everything about Project Fi. This article will provide you with high-level knowhow about this carrier that has been provided by Google.

What Is Project Fi?

Project Fi can be simply explained a prepaid phone carrier that is offered by Google. With it, you will be provided with mobile data service on two mobile networks (your phone will intelligently switch between these two mobile networks). Whenever available, it will also use Wi-Fi to send texts and make calls. Being a prepaid carrier, Project Fi you will be paying upfront for your services in the trailing month. This is an exact opposite of the traditional carrier that would have otherwise billed you after using the services.

With Project Fi, you will be require to pay $10 per every gigabyte of data used, and a flat rate of $20 per month for unlimited texting and talking. Simply, you will need to carry out an estimate of the data that you use at the start of every month and then pay the respective amount.

How Does It Work?

To successfully use Project Fi, you will need a little software and a special SIM card on your phone. The software can authenticate on both Sprint and T-Mobile and easily switch between them. Due to the fact that it can still use Wi-Fi for texts and calls, you will still be able to use your phone in locations that have got poor mobile data. An extra software by the name “Wi-Fi Assistant” will connect your phone automatically to open the open Wi-Fi access points. This will still reduce your data usage.

Project Fi perfectly works internationally in over 120 countries worldwide. This is with no any other additional costs for texting and data. You can easily call at a flat rate to any number of your choice while on the cellular networks abroad. When calling on Wi-Fi you will pay much lower costs.

Why Do I Want It?

It is really a personal question on whether to or not to try Project Fi. Phone limitation is among the things that will assist you in making up your mind. Currently Project Fi is only available for Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P. For you to be part of this service, you can easily requires for an invite. In case you are selected a SIM card will be shipped for you for your existing device or you can choose to purchase a new device.

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