Getting Started with Yahoo Messenger

Getting Started with Yahoo Messenger

To start using Yahoo Messenger, you need to first open an account for free. You can start interacting with other Yahoo members of the platform at no cost, once you have registered and download the client. It comes with an assortment of exciting features and it is best appropriate for personal use due to its poor quality and firewall limitations when operating in the standard mode.

The core interface of Yahoo Messenger is the buddy list from which you can verify your address book, stock, calendar, weather, news, contact your friends and colleagues, all via the tabs at the bottom. However, no banner ads appear in the buddy list, even though the service is free; other tabs display small banner ads.

You can enter your Yahoo email address or Yahoo ID. On the other hand, making use of name, keywords and lots more, you can carry out searches. Nevertheless, as Yahoo has a lot of users and the personal information listed for individual user is mottled at best, finding the right user this way can be difficult.

Right from your buddy list or while you are already in a standard chat session or conference, you can launch a video or voice conference connection. Regrettably, the Yahoo Messenger doesn’t provide a suitable button for initiating an audio or a video connection. Hence, you have to launch the two streams independently. You can invite the other party to view your Webcam stream or the person you are calling can request to see it, when launching a video connection.

Two methods for voice connection are supported by Yahoo Messenger including making use of the Hands Free mode or Talk button that allows for incessant two-way conversation. Depending on your Internet connection, video is handled in one of two ways.

Yahoo Messenger is a free service that lets you see your friends when they come online and to send them instantaneous messages. It can automatically create a chat room, alert you to new e-mail in your Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Personals accounts, stock price alerts or when you have upcoming events recorded in your Yahoo Calendar.

Other features include a Quick Compact mode that conceals the Messenger tools to maximize your view area, voice chat that let you talk for free to anybody on the Internet and the Messenger Themes. It also incorporates Yahoo Audible, Yahoo Games and Launchcast Radio. You can see the person you are chatting with or view the Webcam of any Yahoo member who has granted you access, making use of a Webcam.

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