Buying an ASUS ZenFone

Buying an ASUS ZenFone

Each day there are massive innovations in the mobile production firms aiming at producing new phone models and capture the market with ease. Just a few days ago the ASUS Ltd one of the largest phone manufacturer in the world   entered the phone market with its new ASUS ZenFon 2 model.

The model will not sell more than its Samsung and LG counterparts. This phone is in the making of a smartphone, but it   did not have a 2k display and a phenomenal camera embedded in the other makes of phone.

The Asus ZenFone 2 phone has the following features. It’s a dual sim device that facilitates easy communication across networks. It has an expandable storage capacity and a long lasting heavy duty battery. These features are the most appealing to many customers. Weekly analysis have been going on throughout the year, tracking customer’s attitudes, preferences and opinions about the efficiency of the different phone models.

The research that sampled over five thousand clients in a week showed that a significant number of buyers were not ready to switch from their loyal brands and embrace the ZenFon 2. Results showed that they were more loyal to the first brands while others would go for the Motorola and the Google Nexus deals. Many people are reluctant in shifting to the new model. Only a small population shows interest in this new product.

However, over a third of the sampled users showed a definite interest in the ZenFone 2 model, and they were ready to buy it. Among them, there were some users who were caught in a dilemma on which way to go i.e. purchase the ZenFone 2 or buy its substitutes from other manufacturers. Competitive ability of this phone model has been the subject of debate through the weekly poll. Many users insinuated that the model was a good backup phone, and thus this expression kept popping out in the comments users made throughout the week.

Its affordable price that is relatively lower than its competitors has attracted many users, and some even suggest them for their families. The polls analysis on how competitive is the phone has amazed many and left many in an unsolved dilemma. The poll company intends to get a more realistic idea of mobile phone users rational ideologies and opinions about the Asus ZenFone 2, and it has therefore extended the debate platform for more suggestions.

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