Facebook Messenger Features

Facebook Messenger Features

The Facebook messenger gives you an opportunity to get more from messaging. This is with its stickers that brings your conversations into life. You will still be able to preview your gallery videos and photos without the need of leaving the conversation.

After previewing them, you can choose the ones that you wish to share. When you have more to say, consider recording voice messages.

Feature of the Facebook Messenger:

  • The Facebook messenger is characterized by the ability to share instant messages by a click of a button. This application has not been developed just for your Facebook friends but also for all the people who are in your phonebook. You will just need to enter a phone number and add a new contact in the list.
  • The other feature of this application is its ability to share group chats. With it, you will be able to create groups for those people whom you message most. In this case, you will name these groups and as well the people, set a group photo, and as well keep them in one place. You will be able to create multiple groups with this app.
  • What about sharing videos and photos? Consider snapping selfie and shooting videos or other photos right from this app and then send them with just a single tap.
  • With the “chat heads” feature, you will be able to keep the conversation going while you are using other applications.
  • Last but not least, make free calls with this app. In this case, you can talk as long as you wish even with people who are in other countries. (Remember you will need to subscribe on a data plan or Wi-Fi so as to access the internet service.)

Additional Features!

  • Stay logged in as long as you have an internet access, making sure that you never miss a moment;
  • Turn off notifications when you are working, reading, or when you don’t need to be disturbed;
  • Ability to create shortcuts that assist you in getting to conversations right from the home screen of your phone;
  • See the people who are active on Facebook and who are available in the Messenger;
  • Ability to turn on location that lets you know people when they are nearby;
  • Search for groups and people so that you can get back to them quickly;
  • Forward photos and messages to the people who were not active in the chat;
  • Ability to know when your messages have been read.

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