Tango Features

Tango Features

Tango can be downloaded on a range of platforms and devices, despite the fact that it seems to be targeted at teenagers. For example, you can use Tango for communicating with others who have the app on their Windows phone or Android devices, if you own an ions device.

Tango Messenger is also available for ions devices, tablets and desktops, to enable you send messages and make video or voice calls to any of your contacts having the app on their devices, in spite of of the operating system.


With Tango messaging app, you can play a game or send animations, even as you are having a video chat with your friend. You can also share music from Spotify within the app itself. On the other hand, you can boost it by making use of filters that makes it a very fantastic app for teenagers when you send a picture.

Adults are particularly concerned about sending message across or communicating quickly through text or calls.

Privacy Features

Tango messaging app lets somebody see your profile as public and to be viewed as a default feature by anyone. The Find friends near you feature makes use of the location service to find a friend near you that also makes use of the app.

Nevertheless, However, you can set your profile from Public to Private or turn off location service, if you so desire. This will stop any random person using the app from calling you, contacting you or finding you.

Nonetheless, information such as your profile pic, username, name and son on, has to remain public. There is also a portion for adding your gender, date of birth, and others. If you wish, you can leave it blank.

Popular People Page

This is the page that lets users access the profiles of a number of popular people. A filter is available for choosing either men or women alone. Teenagers might take pleasure in clicking and seeing a choice of public profiles.

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